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In Motion Cycles Upcycling program.

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

In motion Cycles is passionate about keeping our environment clean and safe with less waste. We hate to see perfectly good bikes thrown out in the rubbish so we are happy to take them under our wing and upcycle them into even better bikes. Upcycling is defined as "making a creative use out of waste materials and other unwanted products of greater quality."

We pick up all kinds of bikes off the street and either strip them down for our parts back log and / or rebuild and customise them. The upcycled bikes end up nicer then they were new in the bike shop.

We find classic bikes and bike parts that are in good shape all the time. For example we picked up a "We the people" BMX freestyle bike worth $700.00 new the other day that was pretty weathered but the internal sealed bearing hubs, bottom bracket and head set were fine and all they need is a basic bearing service making them new again. Sealed bearing hubs can be pricey new and we have a bike parts back log of refurbished hubs ready to go. Stay tuned for all kinds of high quality upcycled bike builds to be sold at great prices.

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